Across Series

It’s equipped with MTB’S frame for its high strength and more chosen sizes and you will find a good riding gesture easier ,as a result it push “mountain & road bicycles” to the acme.It is also equipped with carbon front fork of QTOUR and the thin tire of 26” with advantages of without discharging force and low rolling resistance.In a word,it is not only able to reach the speed of Road Bicycle’s ,but owns the strength of MTB’s as well.

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They cover the sizes of 26,27 and 29 er for QTOUR MTB.We QTOUR are able to supply you with satisfied MTB, from no matter the replacement of the Aluminum Alloy for beginner level to the high rigidity racing MTB for top-level. Based on the advanced equipment and technology, all frames are made by the leading technology of “MONOCOQUE ”, which will produce both of little weight and high rigidity frames. And to make sure the design of frames are all perfect and high quality, we test them with strict standards exceeding 30% of ISO Standards.