HouYi Series

It’s equipped with size 29” frame specially designed for large size wheel.The frame distributes rigidity effectively with its thick and strong head tube. The same high rigidity also exists in the bottom bracket and push back axial ,so we thicken and strengthen down tube, seat post and widen chain stay to let the pedal rigidity transport to the back wheel without lose.We took racing into consideration when we designed this bicycle and to assure the rigidity at the same time we improve the compliance.The joint of seat stay and seat post is low and the seat stay is a little thin in order to make the most of the elastic deformation of carbon fiber which is able to absorb the impact from back wheel and improve a lot of comfort level ,which helps to decrease the fatigue and improve passing.

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They cover the sizes of 26,27 and 29 er for QTOUR MTB.We QTOUR are able to supply you with satisfied MTB, from no matter the replacement of the Aluminum Alloy for beginner level to the high rigidity racing MTB for top-level. Based on the advanced equipment and technology, all frames are made by the leading technology of “MONOCOQUE ”, which will produce both of little weight and high rigidity frames. And to make sure the design of frames are all perfect and high quality, we test them with strict standards exceeding 30% of ISO Standards.